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Thursday 21 November 2019

Midnight Phantom (1935)

Directed by: Bernard B. Ray
Written by: John T. Neville (Credited as Jack Neville)
Cinematography by: Pliny Goodfriend
Edited by: Arthur Hilton
Date released: 27 November 1935
Production Company: Reliable Pictures Corporation

A newly-hired police chief is slain in a line-up room and the murder suspects are many; most of them are from the police department. When a police surgeon is also murdered the investigation becomes more intense.

It's a poorly made movie, even for 1935. Very low budget with some classic editing mistakes. An example is when we hear the director in a scene featuring James Farley's character in his office berating one of his policemen. Some of the actors were known for much better work, especially Reginald Denny who struggles to make his character believable with a bad script. Many of the actors made films during the silent era and their careers were in decline.


Reginald Denny as Prof. David Graham

Lloyd Hughes as Lieut. Dan Burke

Lloyd Hughes was a veteran of silent cinema having appeared in over 50 feature films before the arrival of sound.

Claudia Dell as Diana Sullivan (The opening credits incorrectly say 'Diane')

James Farley as Chief James A. Sullivan

Barbara Bedford as Kathleen Ryan

Mary Foy as Mary Ryan

Al St. John as Radio Officer Jones

John Elliott as Capt. Bill Withers

Francis Sayles as Police Surgeon Kelly

Henry Roquemore as Dr. McNeil

Lee Prather as Capt. Perkins

Robert Walker as Capt. Jim Phillips

Jack Kenney as Inspector Silverstein (Credited as Jack Kenny)

Eddie Davis as Conman in Showup Room (uncredited)

Harley Wood as Mary Withers (uncredited)

Arthur Thalasso as Police Officer (uncredited)

Unknown as Finnegan

Unknown as Labin

Unknown as Cop #1

Unknown as Cop #2

Unknown as Detective #1

Unknown as Detective #2

Unknown as Detective #3

Unknown as Detective #4

Unknown as Dying Gangster

Unknown as Man in Showup Room #1

Unknown as Man in Showup Room #2

Unknown as Woman in Showup Room #1

Unknown as Woman in Showup Room #2

Sunday 22 January 2017

Three on a Match (1932)

Directed by Mervyn LeRoy
Story by Kubec Glasmon & John Bright
Screeplay by Lucien Hubbard
Cinematography by Sol Polito
Edited by Ray Curtiss

Three women who were childhood schoolmates take different paths in life. The term 'Three on a Match' is a superstitious faux pas, meaning that if you light three cigarettes using the same match one of the recipients will die. 


Joan Blondell as Mary Keaton

Ann Dvorak as Vivian Revere

Bette Davis as Ruth Westcott

Bette Davis was not so prominent in this film. She takes a back seat to Joan Blondell and Ann Dvorak.

Warren William as Robert Kirkwood

Virginia Davis as Mary Keaton as a Child

Virginia Davis appeared in a series of silent short films as 'Alice'. The films often mixed cartoon and live action.

Anne Shirley as Vivian Revere as a Child

In this film Anne was still being credited as Dawn O'Day.

Betty Carse as Ruth Wescott as a Child

Betty Carse, on the right, in her only film role.

Lyle Talbot as Michael Loftus

Humphrey Bogart as Harve

Humphrey Bogart is a supporting player in this film.

Allen Jenkins as Dick

Allen Jenkins was adept at comedy and dramatic roles. Here he plays the latter.

Edward Arnold as Ace


Hardie Albright as Phil (uncredited)

Herman Bing as Prof. Irving Finklestein (uncredited)

Lovely to see Herman Bing purposely overplaying this non-speaking bit-part as the mad music professor in a rare comedic moment in this film.

Clara Blandick as Mrs. Keaton (uncredited)

Junior Johnson as Max (uncredited)

Junior Johnson is on the right.

Sidney Miller as Willie (uncredited)

Sidney Miller is in the glasses.