Sunday, 22 January 2017

Three on a Match (1932)

Directed by Mervyn LeRoy
Story by Kubec Glasmon & John Bright
Screeplay by Lucien Hubbard
Cinematography by Sol Polito
Edited by Ray Curtiss

Three women who were childhood schoolmates take different paths in life. The term 'Three on a Match' is a superstitious faux pas, meaning that if you light three cigarettes using the same match one of the recipients will die. 


Joan Blondell as Mary Keaton

Ann Dvorak as Vivian Revere

Bette Davis as Ruth Westcott

Bette Davis was not so prominent in this film. She takes a back seat to Joan Blondell and Ann Dvorak.

Warren William as Robert Kirkwood

Virginia Davis as Mary Keaton as a Child

Virginia Davis appeared in a series of silent short films as 'Alice'. The films often mixed cartoon and live action.

Anne Shirley as Vivian Revere as a Child

In this film Anne was still being credited as Dawn O'Day.

Betty Carse as Ruth Wescott as a Child

Betty Carse, on the right, in her only film role.

Lyle Talbot as Michael Loftus

Humphrey Bogart as Harve

Humphrey Bogart is a supporting player in this film.

Allen Jenkins as Dick

Allen Jenkins was adept at comedy and dramatic roles. Here he plays the latter.

Edward Arnold as Ace


Hardie Albright as Phil (uncredited)

Herman Bing as Prof. Irving Finklestein (uncredited)

Lovely to see Herman Bing purposely overplaying this non-speaking bit-part as the mad music professor in a rare comedic moment in this film.

Clara Blandick as Mrs. Keaton (uncredited)

Junior Johnson as Max (uncredited)

Junior Johnson is on the right.

Sidney Miller as Willie (uncredited)

Sidney Miller is in the glasses.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Skirt Shy (1929)

Directed by Charles Rogers
Cinematography by George Stevens

Dobbs must dress up as his female employer whilst she is away, to woo an elderly suitor and save his job.  An implausable storyline with a few laughs from Harry Langdon and Tom Ricketts.


Harry Langdon as Dobbs, the butler

May Wallace as Maggie Herring

Tom Ricketts as Edgar, the old beau

Judith Barrett as Nancy, the maid (Credited as Nancy Dover)


Charlie Hall as the Postman (uncredited)

Arthur Thalasso as Cowboy Suitor (uncredited)

Unknown as chauffeur

IMDB suggests that it might be someone called Neal Ables.

Getting a Ticket (1930)

Directed by Morton Blumenstock

A risqué pre-code short comedy. Featured song 'My Wife Is on a Diet'  written by George J. Bennett and Charles Tobias and sung by Eddie Cantor.


Eddie Cantor as Eddie Cantor


Charles C. Wilson as Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)

Unknown as Judge

Unknown as Wife

Friday, 20 January 2017


This blog celebrates old movies; the best, the worst and those in between. The aim is to give a personal overview in words and pictures of what is in store should you wish to watch them. Classics and Forgotten Films is the sister blog to Forgotten Actors and will only be focusing on films before 1970. It will ask questions of identity, storyline and the film-making process and will rate each film out of 10 based on the author's opinion alone.

This is an ongoing project by one man and will take time to populate with a large number of entries.